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                Welcome to Linhai GST Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

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                Our main markets are in Australia,Europe and the United States.We have a great time working with our customers.


                In the summer of 2019, Taizhou was severely hit by 16 level super typhoon lichima, the coastal area suffered from severe flood, the city wall was "lost", and the waterlogging was serious. The company was located in the coastal industrial area, which could not be spared. The first and second floors of the company were submerged, and the company's employees still kept their responsibilities, stuck to their posts, snatched and moved the finished products of customers, so as to avoid the delay of delivery, the loss of customers, and the reduction of customer experience With the water level rising a little bit, the staff put their lives beyond their means and tried their best to recover the loss, but a large number of finished products were still flooded. After the disaster, the company determined to destroy the products with poor quality after flooding, and said "never let one defective product enter the market". Under one command, thousands of products became scrap iron. Although the loss was heavy, it also caused some losses to customers, but the customers all expressed their understanding, greatly improved our image, trusted our products more, and trusted us to make orders more confidently, Establish a positive image of integrity for the company.


                Add:NO.99 South Heyang Road,Dayang Street,Linhai,zhejiang,China.


                Mobile phone:+86-13665776308 / 15068676581


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