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                Welcome to Linhai GST Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

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                Can your company accept factory inspection?

                We can accept factory inspection.

                What are the major markets for your product?

                Our main markets are in Australia,Europe and the United States.

                Has your company passed the inspection?

                We passed the “BSCI” test,and our products and company played very well.

                How about the quality of the furniture?

                The materials(steel,alu. , cloth or rattan) used in our products  canbear 160-200kg.

                How long is the service life of the product?

                 According to the place of use,about 5-10 years.

                How soon can the goods be delivered after i place an order?

                We will try our best to fulfill the order.It will be in 45 days.

                Where can the product be used?

                It can be anywhere if you want.

                What do you do about the quality of the product ?

                We will reissue the products as soon as possible,and compensate the customer appropriately.


                Add:NO.99 South Heyang Road,Dayang Street,Linhai,zhejiang,China.


                Mobile phone:+86-13665776308 / 15068676581


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